The Doll Shop DownstairsThe Doll Shop Downstairs by Yona Zeldis McDonough is about a girl named Anna. Her family owns a doll repair shop. This book starts before World War I. They get all their materials from Germany, so when World War I starts, they can no longer get the materials they need to repair dolls. They are worried they are going to have to stop repairing dolls and find something else to do, which happens. But luckily, Anna gets an idea! They can make dolls instead of repair them!  And they do!

The Doll Shop Downstairs
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This book was fun to read because it was cool to hear what life was like in a different time period. This book was also cool because I really like dolls, and dolls were in this book a lot. And I just think that people who like dolls would like this book. I felt like I was right in the shop with Anna and the dolls.

It was also cool that Anna had two sisters that helped her out. One was younger (Trudie) and one was older (Sophie). It was cool to read about the sisters because I don’t have any sisters. And sometimes I wish I did. But instead I have a brother – who I love very much, by the way  (my dad made me say that).

I hope you had fun reading this post.

I had fun writing it.

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Book Information:

  • Reading Level: Grade K-3
  • Interest: Age 4-8
  • Pages: 115
  • Pictures: one or two per chapter
  • Main Characters: 9-year-old middle sister Anna
  • Genre: History, Fiction
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