The Critter Club #3 - Liz Learns a LessonThis book is GREA-EAT! Liz Learns a Lesson is in the same series as Amy and the Missing Puppy and All About Ellie. They’re all written by ‘Callie Barkley.’ By the way, I made a post about both of those books so check them out first if you haven’t already read them. In this book, Liz had great plans for the summer, but all of that turned to dust when she found out she had to attend summer school. She was bad at math. Really bad at math. She was so upset, but when she started, she thought, ‘wow, summer school isn’t that bad after all.’

The Critter Club #3
Liz Learns a Lesson

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One day on her way to summer school, she found a turtle on the path. She picked it up and said ‘awww, you’re so cute.’ Pretty much the rest of this book, she deals with having the pet in the classroom.

Oh, by the way, the pictures are soooooooo good. Marsha Riti is one talented illustrator. I love the way she draws Liz. You can really feel the emotions Liz is feeling by looking at the pictures.

I hope you had fun reading this post.

I had fun writing it.

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Book Information:

  • Reading Level: Grade K-2
  • Interest: Age 4-8
  • Pages: 112
  • Pictures: many awesome ones!
  • Main Characters: four eight-year-old girls .. and some critters
  • Genre: Fiction