My Very UnFairy Tale LifeHave you ever read the book My Very UnFairy Tale Life by Anna Staniszewski? I have. Well that is what this post is about, right?

Anyway, the main character in this book is 12-year-old girl named Jenny. Jenny is an adventurer. She runs around different magical worlds defeating bad guys and helping creatures that live in those worlds. It was so cool how Jenny traveled from different worlds doing lots of very exciting things. Jenny’s guide, Anthony, is a candy-loving gnome. Pretty much the whole time while she’s on adventures, he’s eating candy. Anthony has magical powers so he can transport Jenny between worlds (because she doesn’t have any magic). Jenny doesn’t grow up with her parents – she lives with her aunt (because her parents disappeared when she was little…).


My Very UnFairy Tale Life
is rated
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My Very UnFairy Tale Life was so good I couldn’t put it down. I even read it on the playground at school while all my other friends were playing tag and other stuff.

Oh, and by the way, before I leave I forgot to mention, there are more books.

I hope you had fun reading this post.

I had fun writing it.

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Book Information:

  • Reading Level: Grade 2-6
  • Interest: Age 8-12
  • Pages: 195
  • Pictures: None
  • Main Characters: 12-year-old Jenny
  • Genre: Fantasy, Fairy-Tale, Fiction

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