Lulu and the BrontosaurusIn Lulu and the Brontosaurus, Lulu is a very spoiled girl. She has everything she has ever wanted. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she kicks and screams until her parents give it to her. One day, Lulu asks for a Brontosaurus for her birthday and her parents say no. And no matter what she does, her parents say no. They say they’ll get her another pet, but she says no way. A couple days before her birthday, Lulu decides to go off in search of a Brontosaurus. She packs her bags and goes off into the woods.

Along the way she meets some scary creatures, like snakes, tigers and bears. Finally she finds a Brontosaurus. She talks to him. He says, “a pet is a very good thing.” Then Lulu takes out her dog leash and puts it on the Brontosaurus. “I didn’t mean for me to be my pet, I meant for you to be my pet,” said the Brontosaurus. No matter what Lulu says about a person being a Brontosaurus’s pet, the Brontosaurus keeps saying “you will be a perfect pet. Come home and live with me.” Finally Lulu gets away from the Brontosaurus and runs home.

Lulu and the Brontosaurus
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Then, a confusing thing happened. There are three completely different endings. I didn’t put the endings here, because it would be kind of confusing if I just put one ending here, because you’d be wondering what happened in the other two endings and then I’d have to write what happens in all of them. Then this post would be too long.

I like this book. I think it is enjoyable to read.

I hope you had fun reading this post.

I had fun writing it.

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Book Information:

  • Reading Level: Grade 1-4
  • Interest: Age 5-10
  • Pages: 111
  • Pictures: many (almost one on every two page spread)
  • Main Characters: Lulu
  • Genre: Fiction