Ivy and Bean Make the RulesIvy and Bean Make the Rules is about two girls named Ivy and Bean. This is the 9th book in the Ivy and Bean series by Annie Barrows. In this book, Bean’s older sister goes to a spring break camp. Bean wants to go, too. So Bean and her friend Ivy make up a camp called Camp Flaming Arrow. They set up the camp in a park. It makes me laugh when Ivy and Bean think they’re making friendship bracelets, but they’re actually tying their body parts together with string! This book is really good. I hope you like it too!

Ivy and Bean Make the Rules is rated Renew It Again & Again!

Book Information:

  • Reading Level: Grade 1-3
  • Interest: Age 5-9
  • Pages: 127
  • Pictures: Many Per Chapter
  • Main Characters: two 2nd grade girls
  • Genre: Fiction