4th Grade Editorial: Smile!

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SmileHi, people of the world! Ready for a graphic novel recommendation? I know that you’ll just love it (if you havent already read it of course)! Well, here I go! The book is……………………… Smile by Raina Telgemeier!!!

What this totally terrific graphic novel is about: It is about Raina Telgemeier (yes THE Raina Telgemeier) as a kid and how in 6th grade she knocks out her two front teeth and her life after that up to high school. But like I said, it is an awesome graphic novel so nothing can go wrong. Or can it?

Why Greek Girl loved this awesome graphic novel so much: Well…

  1. It is a graphic novel so whats not to like?
  2. It is so skillfully written and illustrated by Raina Telgemeier
  3. It is so exiting and interesting!
  4. Well, it’s just plain awesome!

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4th Grade Editorial : Lunch Lady!

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LL1Hi everyone! I’m back! And I have this awesome graphic novel series that I have been meaning to share with you! The books are by Jarett J. Krosoczka (prounounced crow-sauce-ka)! Can any one take a guess? Aww fine I’ll tell you! I’m talking about the great Lunch Lady of course! Now anyone know what they are about………?

What this awesome graphic novel series is about: This awesome graphic novel series is about 2 crime fighting Lunch Ladies and three kids – Hector, Terence, and Dee. In the first book (Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute) Hector, Terence, and Dee are very supicious of their Lunch Ladies (who fight crime, as I said) and decide to follow them home after school that day. Meanwhile the Lunch Ladies are suspicious of the substitute teacher, Mr. Pasteur. So they dicide to follow him home after school that day. And that’s when the kids discover the Lunch Ladies’ secret.

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Summertime Editorial: Lucky Stars Series Review

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LS1I have recently come across a series called Lucky Stars. My friend let me borrow all the books in the series and they are really good. That’s why I’m writing this post, right?

What this series is about: This series is about a girl named Cassie. On her seventh birthday she gets taken into the sky and Stella Starkeeper tells her that she is to become a lucky star! Lucky stars make wishes come true! All she has to do is get seven charms for her bracelet by making wishes come true! Each charm has a special power. They help her to grant wishes!

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Summertime Editorial: The Dirt Diary

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The Dirty DiaryHi everyone! I have a new post to share with you today. It is about a great book called The Dirt Diary. It was written by Anna Staniszewski. The same Anna who wrote the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series. By the way I have met her multiple times and she is very nice. So if you haven’t read her books I suggest you read them now because they are terrific! Whoops! Back to the post now!

What this book is about: this book is about a girl named Rachel. She loves to bake. Her dad has recently moved away and she wants to visit him so she secretly buys a plane ticket using money her Mom was saving for her to go to college. In this book Rachel helps her mom with her Mom’s cleaning business to make money. She ends up cleaning some kids’ houses from her school and discovers many dirty secrets.

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Summertime Editorial: The Kicks #2 – Sabotage Season

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The Kicks #2 - Sabotage SeasonAlex Morgan has returned with another glorious book of The Kicks! This one is called Sabotage Season, the second book in this super-spectaculous series.

Now I bet that all of you want to know what this book is about. Be patient. I just want to tell you that I really like this book alot. Sorry! Back to the post now!

What this book is about: This book is about a girl named Devin (the same Devin from The Kicks #1- Saving the Team). The Kicks are doing better and if they keep winning they may get a spot in the playoffs! There is only one problem……. The Kicks are being sabotaged!!

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